The Trauma Beast Inside

Picture your trauma as a parasitic beast that lives inside you, gorging on a steady replay of your worst memories.

Every traumatic memory drains strength. It is not just about bodily strength. Trauma thrives on your physical, mental, and emotional energies.

Have you ever noticed how exhausted, nervous, and fragile you feel when a tragic event occurs to, or around you? Traumatic memories can keep putting you in such a place over and over again.

The beast inside scratches, pushes, stings and stabs. When you feel you are being torn apart and experience a heavy pain in your chest, it is the trauma beast unleashing its rage.

The replays may consist of one or more tragic circumstances in your life. You experience verbal, physical, sexual and emotional pain in reruns that pop up when you least expect expect it.

The trauma beast does not want to let go, but continues its horrible abuse until you are so physically, mentally, and emotionally damaged that you are unable to live a normal life.

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